A Word For You Today!

John 8:12

There will become a time in your life when you’ll face some dark days. Those days can leave you hopeless, powerless, lonely and drained. It is at those times God will show you that you’re not alone, and that His grace is sufficient!

He wants you to know that He’s there, and sees, hears, and knows what you’re going through. In your dark days, it’s hard to see what God is doing behind the scenes, but you can rest assured if you trust God, He will bring you out better and stronger than you were before.

Don’t try and figure it out because it’s too much and would only confuse you more. Sometimes it’s in our dark place that we learn how to fight a spiritual fight, how to trust God more, and how to surrender all that afflicts us.

If you’re going to work it out yourself, then you’ll miss God’s blessings, miracles, and favor working on your behalf. Jesus is the light of the world and whoever follows Him will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

Take everything to God in prayer this morning, and let Him shine some light on things and work it out for you!

Let us pray: Lord we thank you for being our light when we are in a dark place. We thank you because we know if we leave everything up to you, that You’ll lead us to salvation – A place where we’ll find peace, love, and comfort in the time of need. We know that darkness will never overtake us if we’re walking in Your light. We ask this prayer in your darling son Jesus name – Amen and thank God!

Prayer line # 605-475-6700, pass code 2497741, every Monday night from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm central time.

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