A Word For You Today!

Psalm 23,

Do not be afraid, because God is with you. You will not faint, because God will give you strength to go on. Ask Him anything you want to know, He’s waiting eagerly for you to call his name.

Lean not to your own understanding, but trust His judgement as He order your steps. Life has not been easy, but has been necessary to equip you into the soldier you are today.

Nothing is by chance or by coincidence. He gives you the gift to prosper and is watching your every move; from your endless push to get ahead, to your tears of disappointment in your life.

My point is, if you accepted Jesus to be your Lord and Savior; He’s working things out for your good. Leave all of your worries for Him to fix, and cast all of your cares on His back. And He’ll make your heavy load light.

He want you to know that things are not as bad as the devil is making it out to be. Because if you could see through His eyes, you’ll see a beautiful future and how far you’ve come and know that you can’t give up now.

He’s proud of you and He will finish the good works He’s started in you. So enjoy this day and look for him in everything, and I promise you you’ll find Him!!!

Let us Pray: Father, we thank You for these words of comfort and encouragement. We thank You because You are keeping your word to never leave us nor forsake us. Your word says if we seek your face, then we will find You. If we call on You for help, You’ll hear our cry. No matter how messed up this world is becoming, we will fear not because our God walks with us. He talks to us and He’s fighting for us. In Jesus name we pray – Amen and thank God.

Prayer Line # 605-475-6700, pass code 2497741, every Monday night at 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm central time.

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