A Word For You Today!

purple petaled flower and thank you card
Psalm 95:1-3

When I think about the goodness of God, my soul gets happy, my eyes began to water, and I utter praise with my mouth! But how do you give thanks? Is it through your daily walk with Him, tithes, and offerings, or love for your brothers and sisters?I challenge you today to make God smile. Find ways to praise Him and give thanks, because God is worthy to be praised!

Let Us Pray: Lord, we thank You for this day! A day that You woke us up. A day that You provided food for us to eat. A day that You allowed the sunshine to smile upon us. A day that You kept us safe on our way to work. We thank You God for Jesus, and we praise You for all You do!!!

Prayer Line # 605-475-6700, pass code 2497741, Every Monday night from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm central time.

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