A Word For You Today!

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Remel’s Heart Ministry: The Outreach Ministry Component of Project Heaven Christian Life Coaching Firm.

Psalm 121

I come to encourage you this morning to look to the hills whence cometh your help! You are your Father’s child, and He delights in taking care of you.

Our Father is strong and almighty, and He sits high and sees all things. He never sleeps so that he can watch over you, and He enjoy making a way for you. Contrary to what the world may say, you are loved and you’re not alone. You were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

Do not be afraid, discouraged, or sad this morning; because our Savior is an awesome God, protector, provider, and a way maker! So, whatever is troubling you today; take it to the Lord in prayer and watch Him move on your behalf.

Let us pray: Lord, we thank you for your protection and for watching over us. We thank you for being our keeper when we didn’t know we needed to be kept. We thank you for guidance and for this day, and forever more, in Jesus’ name – Amen!

Please join us for prayer every Monday night from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm central time.

Dial-In number 425-436-6368, access code 5545400. Please send your prayer request to projectheavenchristianlife@gmail.com

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