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Society has made multi-tasking a great skill set for getting a job, managing your household, and making time for relationships. In reality multi-tasking is task-switching and it doesn’t save you time, you are probably making a lot of mistakes, and it’s causing stress and severe burnout.

But, if you must multi-task, it should be done for a short period of time and know when it’s appropriate. Multi-tasking done over a long period of time can cause short term memory loss, heart disease and a list of  other health problems.

Luke 10:40-41, talks about how Martha was distracted by all the preparation that had to be made when Jesus and the disciples visited her home. Martha was missing out on what was important at that moment, and Jesus wasn’t going to take the blessing to learn from Him away from Mary because Martha didn’t recognize that He is our #1 priority.

Not only are people missing out on life most important moments, we don’t know how to manage our time well, or priorities, or schedules to balance our days. Work -life – balance is important for your health, relationships and overrall well-being.

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In fact, businesses encourage work – life balance programs in the workplace to strengthen work relationships! Employers that allow time off for a vacation or for self – care have happier employees which leads to improve performances and employee productivity.

Employers Benefits for a Work – Life Balance Program

  • Decrease Absenteeism and sick leave
  • Attract and Retain Qualified Staff
  • Increase Employee Engagement Levels, Morale and Job Satisfaction
  • Increase Performance and Productivity

Employee Benefits for a Work -Life Balance Program

  • Identify Areas of Imbalances and Address them
  • Learn tips on how to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Learn Time Management Skills
  • Tips on How to Priorities and Organize Your Daily Schedule
  • Set Goals to Improve in your Career, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical health

Through Project Heaven Work-Life Balance Workshops or Work-Life Balance  Individual Coaching Sessions, we will cover the following topics:

a.) Defining Work – Life Balance

b.  Warning Signs of Imbalances

c.) Stress & Anxiety Management Tips

d.) Time Management Techniques for Work and Personal

e.) Self – Care

f.) How to Separate Work From Your Personal Life

g.) How to Set Priorities for Developing Your Daily Schedule

h.) Obstacles

i.) What does the Bible say about work – life – life balance

j.) Goal Setting/Dreams – Something to Look Forward to Everyday

Project Heaven can bring their Work – Life Balance Workshops to your work place, organization, or we can coach you individually.  Contact us today to learn more!

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