A Word for You Today!


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Psalm 23

Do not be afraid, because I am with you. You will not faint, because I will give you strength to go on. Ask Me anything you want to know. I’m waiting eagerly for you to call my name.

Lean not to your own understanding, but trust my judgement as I order your steps. Life has not been easy, but has been necessary to equip you into the soldier you are today.

Nothing is by chance or coincidence. I give you the gift to prosper. And I’m watching your every move; from your endless push to get ahead, to your tears falling from disappointment in your life. My point is, if you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior; He do not take that lightly and is working everything out for the good of those that love the Lord.

So leave all of your worries for Him to fix, and cast all your cares on His back today and He’ll make your heavy load light.

Let us pray: Take the wheel Lord! Amen and thank God!

Please join us every Monday night for prayer from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm central time. Prayer Line # 605-475-6700, pass code 2497741.

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